Insurances Accepted

Due to its innovative treatment and proven effectiveness, NeuroStar TMS Therapy is covered by most insurance health plans (for adults with treatment resistant depression).

If you have had TMS in the past and it was effective, many insurances will cover more treatments.


Don’t see your insurance company listed? Not sure if you have coverage? Call us!

Insurance providers sometimes cover TMS on a case by case basis (called a single case agreement). Our benefits coordinator may be able to work with your insurance company to get TMS covered for you.

Other ways to make TMS work for you:

If your insurance plan does not cover TMS Therapy, the cost of therapy may be recoverable from various sources including:

  • Advance Care Financial. They offer 0% financing for 14 months. To learn more ask one of our TMS Solutions experts to assist you in the process and for more details.
  • Credit cards. We accept all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
  • Healthcare Savings Accounts. We accept HSA cards as payment (these are pre-tax funds – ask your employer if they offer this service).

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Unsure of how to make TMS work for you?

Contact us for a free benefits check or an in-office consultation – we’ll answer any questions you may have regarding insurance coverage, cost, payment, and reimbursement. Our reimbursement professionals work hard to make sure you get the treatment you deserve.