Is TMS Right for Me?

If you suffer from depression – and cannot get relief from medication – TMS may be right for you.

TMS may be for you if you:

  • Have been identified with depression but not benefited from medication
  • Have had side-effects from medications
  • Are searching for a drug-free depression solution
  • Ready to try a safe, FDA approved solution
  • Your depression negatively affects your daily life or relationships

Those who cannot get TMS:

  • Someone who has uncontrolled seizures, metal implants in the brain or neck such as aneurysm clips or stents, head/neck tattoos that have ink that is magnetic or metallic, or who has body jewelry on their face or ears that is magnetic which cannot be removed. Braces and fillings are not a problem.
  • Aneurysm clips or coils in your head or neck regions
  • Stents in your head or neck regions
  • Implanted stimulators in your head or neck.
  • Implanted deep brain stimulators
  • Implanted electrical devices, in your head or neck.
  • Electrodes for monitoring brain activity
  • Cochlear implants for hearing
  • Any magnetic implants in your head or neck
  • Bullet fragments in your head or neck.
  • Any other metal device or object implanted in your head or neck.