Clinicians Say NeuroStar TMS Therapy Equates 53% Remission

Clinicians Say NeuroStar TMS Therapy Equates 53% RemissionThere are more than 5,200 patients who have been evaluated by the NeuroStar TMS Outcomes Registry since it was first created in September 2016. As such, this registry has become the largest data set available having to do with Major Depressive Disorder.

Response Rates of NeuroStar

Herein you’ll find a lot of data that has to do with real-world outcomes. Clinicians have rated this information based on whether patients have responded to an acute course of NeuroStar. In doing so they’ve discovered that 73% have indeed responded to a course of TMS therapy. Of those who responded, 52% were seen to have achieved remission.

You’ll also find a patient-rated scale here. While the numbers are slightly different they still prove that an acute course of NeuroStar does indeed work. In fact, 62% of patients said that they responded to the treatment, and an additional 33% reported that they’d achieved remission.

Demographics and Clinical Characteristics of NeuroStar Therapy

Automated data collection on a large-scale has been made feasible by the NeuroStar TrakStar data management system. The TMS therapy treatment statistics that have been discovered here have been seen to be consistent with other NeuroStar research.

There are high-maintained response and remission rates shown for this type of therapy. This has been seen in the 11 studies with more than 900 patients that have been conducted thus far.

NeuroStar has shown itself to be the only system that can achieve acute treatment response and remission. What’s nice about this is the discontinuation rate is only 5%.

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