Moments Of Clarity With Tiffany Werhner: Discussing Benefits Of TMS Treatment

Benefits Of TMS TreatmentListen in on a special edition of the “Moments of Clarity” Radio show with host Tiffany Werhner, LMHC with her guest speaker, Karan Narwal, CEO & Director of Research at TMS Advantage, Pinellas County’s Most comprehensive TMS program. Moments of Clarity is a weekly nationally aired radio show that focuses on ending the stigma on mental health. The stigma on mental health prevents people from seeking the help that they need in order to be mentally & physically healthy. On this segment, Tiffany talks with Karan to learn more about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy, how it works, what it treats, and why TMS Advantage has a program that is focused on a comprehensive process for their patients. TMS is a noninvasive out patient procedure that uses magnetic pulses to treat a variety of mental health conditions with little to no side effects and the potential to reduce the need for medications. TMS Advantage has amazing success rates due to their objective approach and have offices in Clearwater, FL & St Petersburg, FL. Come listen in and learn more about TMS!

You can listen to this podcast here:

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