Reasons Why You Could Be Getting Panic Attacks

several reasons why people experience panic attacksPanic attacks are relatively common in America, affecting around 11% of people every year. They can come with many symptoms, and some panic attacks may be expected while others are unexpected. Some of the most common symptoms people experience are a faster heart rate, sweating, increased breathing, and an overwhelming sense of fear or anxiety. Panic attacks usually occur in situations that are not threatening. Some people may experience a panic attack once while others experience them regularly and go on to develop a panic disorder.

There are several reasons why people experience panic attacks. Let’s consider some of the most common reasons why this could happen.

Mental Health Conditions

People who suffer from mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety may find that they also suffer from panic attacks. Depression and anxiety are often interlinked, and anxiety may increase the risk of a person feeling scared or worried. Chronic worry and fear can lead to panic attacks, either occasionally or regularly. It’s important to seek help if your life is being affected by panic attacks because of mental health struggles.

Addiction or Substance Abuse

People who struggle with addiction or substance abuse may also have an increased risk of suffering from panic attacks. Those who rely on alcohol or drugs to help manage their emotions could find that they suffer a panic attack when they are not able to continue using these substances. Withdrawal symptoms could include panic attacks if they become dependent on the substances. Alcohol and substances themselves could also induce a panic attack at the moment depending on the person’s reaction.


Sometimes you may experience panic attacks and not understand the reason why. In some cases, the underlying cause could be linked to your family genes which are causing anxiety and subsequently bringing on these sudden attacks. There have been various studies into anxiety and the links with genetics and family history, but experts are still unsure whether there is a genetic connection or whether it is predominantly influenced through childhood and upbringing.


Too much caffeine could be causing you to suffer from panic attacks. If you feel more anxious after drinking coffee or another drink that contains caffeine, this may be the reason for it. While it is more likely to affect people who suffer from anxiety, people who may ordinarily not experience a panic attack might do so if they consume too much caffeine. To avoid this, choose decaffeinated beverages and drink water alongside any caffeinated drinks to weaken the effects.

Life Changes

Changes and uncertain times in your life could bring on panic attacks. This might happen when you are sitting and worrying about something specific, but it could also happen suddenly as a result of too much stress and anxiety in general. Pay attention to your lifestyle and avoid things that could increase the risk of more anxiety, such as excess caffeine or alcohol. Speak to a trusted friend or family member and invest in getting professional help if you feel it would support your wellbeing. Prioritizing self-care and finding things that work for you is essential to ensure good physical and mental health.

Getting the Help You Need

You can find counselors and specialists in Clearwater and St Petersburg who can help you to overcome life’s challenges. If you’re experiencing panic attacks and other difficulties in life, you can get the support you need by contacting TMS Advantage for tailored therapy. You can explore ways that work for you to help combat the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns.

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