Signs Technology is Making Your Anxiety Worse

Anxietyblank occurs when you expect the worst to happen. This happens because we go into self-preservation mode. Our senses grow heightened and we’re flooded with both cortisol and adrenaline. This increases our energy to fight or run. However, this grows exhausting after a while because our body is depleted of cortisol.

Why People Have More Anxiety Today

Unfortunately, according to Google, people are growing increasingly more anxious over the past decade. Part of the blame here lies with technology itself. We use our knowledge of past experiences to predict what will happen in the future then we convince ourselves that this will become a reality. In the past we never had this immediate knowledge. Instead, we had limited knowledge of catastrophe because it took time for word to travel. However, now that we’re living in the digital age news travels much faster.

Thanks to technology we have instant access to information. Much of this is in the form of videos that we can replay, making us feel like we’re personally involved with the event. This technology is found in every part of our home too. Unfortunately, the more we replay these videos in these different rooms of our home, the more our brains begin to think that these are new incidents that are occurring. It’s no wonder our minds are great at creating terrifying possibilities even though most of our news is true.

Introducing FOMO

There’s a new word in our dictionaries today: FOMO – the fear of missing out. This has been introduced to us because of how the technology we’re surrounded by has changed our lives as we know them today. Understanding that this word exists leaves us needing to learn new ways of dealing with its consequences. Psychologists have some tips for us on how to do this. They include:

  1. Limit the amount of news that you watch to an hour a day at most. This will allow you to know what’s happening in the world without constantly being on edge because of it.
  2. When you read the newspaper, stick to its headlines. Only read deeper into stories that are of personal use or interest to you. This is important because Google’s algorithm is tailored to bring you more information about topics they notice you take note of.
  3. When your anxiety is getting the best of you, do a reality check. Ask yourself: Can you predict the future? What are some other ways to think about whatever is on your mind now? Can you do anything about what is bothering you? Are you OK? Are your family and loved ones safe? Do you have your basic needs met?
  4. Remind yourself that you can’t control the world, nature, the choices government makes, and what other people do. Recognizing these facts will help you calm down a bit.
  5. Read through some inspirational quotes. Try to focus on these things and meditate on them a bit. Doing so will help to calm and quiet your mind.

Once you’re able to settle your anxiety down some, you’ll be able to think about those things that you can do, change, or fix. This is important because our bodies are used to living in simpler times. We must recognize that the way we’re acting today isn’t what’s best for us. The tools that we developed in the past may seem outdated now but they’re still what’s best for us, especially when we’re trying to exist in the “rational zone.”

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