TMS Advantage has been an enormous help for our 21 year old child’s major depressive disorder. Many antidepressant drugs were tried, some with temporary and/or moderate successes, but all failed to relieve depressive symptoms after a few months. After a few weeks of TMS treatment, there were subtle changes, such as a greater sense of humor. After 5 weeks, a desire and motivation to socialize more, to work, and to go to back to school all came back. Six weeks of TMS treatment gave back to our child a sense of motivation, a more positive outlook on life, and greater self-confidence. While it is not a cure for depression, it has helped in countless ways. The staff that delivers the treatment at TMS Advantage are caring and trained and have helped us in dealing with depression with this amazing non-invasive treatment. And it doesn’t have the side effects normally associated with antidepressant drugs. I cannot say enough good things about this form of treatment at TMS Advantage. I feel hopeful again for our child’s future.