I haved suffered with depression throughout most of my adult life. I discovered this new therapy about a year ago and drove to another county to get it. It worked unbelievably. I encourage anyone considering it to not hesitate you can rest assured, although it is not guaranteed to work for everyone it was and is like a dream come true for me. Unfortunately about 3-4 months after completing it the first time I suffered a major physical setback, the big C. This set off another major depressive episode which I could not pull myself out of. I was thrilled to find TMS now available right here in Pinellas County not 10 minutes from my home at TMS Advantage. I found their approach to be a much more comprehensive, thorough and complete one. I cannot say enough good things about every single member of their staff. They are all a very warm and welcoming group who make you feel like part of their family almost immediately. I finished my second round of 36 treatments a week ago. I feel great and miss them all very much. I almost forgot to mention they are extremely accommodating in that they offer evening, lunchtime and even Saturday appointments for those that work a regular 9-5. I couldn’t recommend them more highly than the 5 stars allowed, that being said if I could I’d give you a solid 10! Miss you all!