Where do I start? This clinic is the absolute best. I did my research and discovered that this facility has the best outcomes. I know why too.

1) These people care. From the front desk to the one that performs the procedures. They work WITH your schedule and finances. Unheard of in 2019. From the minute you enter you feel cared about and welcome. Such a pleasant atmosphere! Go Nikki!

2) There is more than JUST the TMS going on here. They have a great team, and they have explained things to me like no one ever has. Lab work was done that has diagnosed vitamin deficiencies we never knew of. There is a PROGRAM that includes support groups, nutrition, step and sleep tracker devices, etc. It is not just a magnetic device placed and leave. There is teaching going on.

3) Most importantly there is Karan. He is the face of TMS there. He is the one who places the device, calms your fears and encourages you when you feel discouraged. I cannot say enough about him. I want to adopt him into my family.

If you are looking for a TMS program come HERE! As a nurse with a background in behavioral medicine and case management I am PICKY!