I haved suffered with depression throughout most of my adult life. I discovered this new therapy about a year ago and drove to another county to get it. It worked unbelievably. I encourage anyone considering it to not hesitate you can rest assured, although it is not guaranteed to work for everyone it was and is like a dream come true for me. Unfortunately about 3-4 months after completing it the first time I suffered a major physical setback, the big C. This set off another major depressive episode which I could not pull myself out of. I was thrilled to find TMS now available right here in Pinellas County not 10 minutes from my home at TMS Advantage. I found their approach to be a much more comprehensive, thorough and complete one. I cannot say enough good things about every single member of their staff. They are all a very warm and welcoming group who make you feel like part of their family almost immediately. I finished my second round of 36 treatments a week ago. I feel great and miss them all very much. I almost forgot to mention they are extremely accommodating in that they offer evening, lunchtime and even Saturday appointments for those that work a regular 9-5. I couldn’t recommend them more highly than the 5 stars allowed, that being said if I could I’d give you a solid 10! Miss you all!


As someone who has suffered from severe anxiety and depression for years, TMS treatment has been life changing for me. I was very skeptical at first but as I went to treatment and followed the advice of the physicians and the staff, I gradually started to notice improvements in my overall well being and mood. I can honestly say that I am not the same depressed and anxiety filled person I was before TMS therapy. For the first time in a long time, I look forward to everyday and what the future holds.

In addition, the staff at The TMS Advantage makes you feel like family. Everyone in the office greets you with a hello and a smile from the front desk to the office manager. This place is not your typical doctor’s office. They are very accommodating when working around business or family commitments. They have lunch time, evening and even Saturday appointments to fit the working person’s schedule.

If you are thinking about taking the step to a better life, I would highly recommend contacting them immediately. If you have to leave a message don’t fret you will be the first person they call back and it possibly could be the first step in changing your life.


This therapy has truly changed my life for the better. My wife, my family, my friends all can see the change in me as well. It is night and day the person I am now that I am no longer living with depression. I thank God for this therapy. Couldn’t recommend it enough people, you don’t need to suffer.


Where do I start? This clinic is the absolute best. I did my research and discovered that this facilty has the best outcomes. I know why too.

1) These people care. From the front desk to the one that performs the procedures. They work WITH your schedule and finances. Unheard of in 2019. From the minute you enter you feel cared about and welcome. Such a pleasant atmosphere! Go Nikki!

2) There is more than JUST the TMS going on here. There is Dr Obregon the psychiatrist who is great. He has explained things to me like no one ever has. Lab work was done that has diagnosed vitamin deficiencies we never knew of. There is a PROGRAM that includes support groups, nutrition, step and sleep tracker devices, etc. It is not just a magnetic device placed and leave. There is teaching going on.

3) Most importantly there is Karan. He is the face of TMS there. He is the one who places the device, calms your fears and encourages you when you feel discouraged. I cannot say enough about him. I want to adopt him into my family.

If you are looking for a TMS program come HERE! As a nurse with a background in behavioral medicine and case management I am PICKY!


Phenomenal, life-changing experience…TMS significantly reduced my depression and anxiety. I received first-class care from the team at TMS Advantage and recommend them to anyone. Sometimes you do not know how much better you can feel until you experience the difference yourself. I wish I had done this for myself years ago; however, I only recently learned of the option. I am a believer in TMS and the methodology used by this team – it far surpasses the program of another clinic by utilizing a holistic and personalized approach.


I am halfway through a series of TMS treatments and they are definitely helping. I suffer several disorders including PTSD and major depression…I noticed much less anxiety by treatment number 3. Now I am able to stay focused and have more drive and interest in doing things, like finish my schooling. These treatments have definitely been a game-changer for me. I’ve lost 6 pounds over the past 3 weeks. The treatment takes about 30 minutes, the office is super friendly, runs on schedule, and they always have coffee and snacks available. I’m so glad I did this.


TMS Advantage has been an enormous help for our 21 year old child’s major depressive disorder. Many antidepressant drugs were tried, some with temporary and/or moderate successes, but all failed to relieve depressive symptoms after a few months. After a few weeks of TMS treatment, there were subtle changes, such as a greater sense of humor. After 5 weeks, a desire and motivation to socialize more, to work, and to go to back to school all came back. Six weeks of TMS treatment gave back to our child a sense of motivation, a more positive outlook on life, and greater self-confidence. While it is not a cure for depression, it has helped in countless ways. The staff that delivers the treatment at TMS Advantage are caring and trained and have helped us in dealing with depression with this amazing non-invasive treatment. And it doesn’t have the side effects normally associated with antidepressant drugs. I cannot say enough good things about this form of treatment at TMS Advantage. I feel hopeful again for our child’s future.


Advantage Mental Health was kind enough to extend me an internship during the months of January through April 2019. From day one, I was quite impressed with the level of professionalism from all staff members (Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Therapists, and office administration). Each staff member was immensely accommodating in furthering my education in the psychiatric field. I witnessed firsthand the professionalism they extended to all their patients. I was extremely impressed with the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) program. I observed numerous success stories from patients who underwent TMS treatment for depression. Not only do they provide outstanding outpatient psychiatric services to the community, but they also nurture education opportunities for future clinicians. Thank you, Advantage Mental Health, for giving me the opportunity to feel valued as a future provider. I highly recommend this facility for psychiatric services. Outstanding experience!


The TMS Advantage gave me a complete and effective treatment. It helped me with the depression and also to feel more my self . The treatment at this center includes TMS treatment, group psychological therapy, and permanent monitoring of the sleep and the physical activity of the patient.
The personnel in this place is very qualify and also they are great human beings who really care about the feelings and the health of each patient.


TMS changed my life. It takes time, and it definitely took a lot of commitment, but these guys are good people and the program they have is much more than just TMS. Helping me with my life at home and at work is just a part of what they do, god bless!


I’ve been researching TMS for awhile and finally decided to seek treatment. This place is exceeding my expectations. Dr. Obregon is great and their coordinator is really helpful. I’m half way through treatment but have already seen an improvement. I like the holistic approach they take (I don’t like to take medication, so this is important for me). They checked my vitamin levels, gave me a FitBit so I could monitor my physical activity, and they have weekly group therapy (Danielle is awesome) where I’m learning to change some negative thoughts and habits I’ve fallen into. I’m really optimistic about TMS and their program is helping me feel like myself again. I actually like coming here — it’s a nice office, they have snacks and coffee. I feel comfortable which is also important after all the other (not so nice) doctor’s offices I’ve been too. Their coordinator (Karan) works with me every day and his knowledge and positive attitude are a big part of my wanting to continue in treatment. He explains everything and worked with my insurance to get my coverage. I highly recommend them!