The most significant thing was that it felt like I unlocked my life Aubrey says

The most significant thing was that it felt like I unlocked my life Aubrey says

  • What is your name?

My name is Aubrey, and I’m from Largo, FL.

  • What did you suffer from?

I suffered from the persistent depressive disorder with episodes of major depression.

  • Where are you today?

Today I’m living a completely different lifestyle compared when I was suffering from depression. I have received a promotion, I volunteer and I enjoy hobbies more than I used to.

  • Would you recommend TMS Advantage?


  • Why TMS Advantage?

After a number of consultations, I settled on TMS Advantage because of the treatment plan and the staff.

  • What was your first week like?

My first week a little difficult changing my schedule 5 days a week but TMS Advantage was very accommodating to my schedule.

  • When did you start to notice a difference?

I noticed a difference within 3 weeks, I noticed it was easier to get up in the morning, and it was easier to complete tasks.

  • When it comes to your depression, before you began TMS and where you are today, what’s the difference you see?

Difference between suffering from depression, before treatment and now, it’s like night and day.

  • What did you learn about yourself?

I didn’t so much learn about myself but after living my entire life in a depression of haze, I began to experience my emotions cleaner and more vibrant.

  • What was most significant about TMS to you?

The most significant thing was that it felt like I unlocked my life.

  • Was the treatment painful for discomforting?

The treatment wasn’t painful at all, it was a little bit discomforting, in fact jarring at first, but by the 2nd & 3rd treatment, I was completely comfortable and I could carry full conversations while I was receiving treatment.

  • What did the pulses feel like?

It feels like a woodpecker tapping on your head.

  • How long did treatments last?

Treatment lasted only 20 minutes.

  • Were you able to go home and do daily activities afterward?

I didn’t experience any side effects of TMS.

  • What was one of the things recommended to you during TMS that you should do?

Exercise. Exercise is so important to mental health.

  • While you were doing TMS and afterward, what did people around you notice about your attitude, mood and how you were feeling?

As I started to improve with TMS, my coworkers and my friends within my work environments started to notice I was more engaged in conversations, I was more willing to help out, and reach and push myself, and improve.

TMS Advantage offers a program found nowhere else in the area – we combine the most sophisticated technology available with cognitive behavioral therapy and personal care (nutrition, mindfulness, and movement) – to provide you with the best possible treatment so you can finally live your life to its fullest.





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