Tips To Help Introverts Get Through The Holidays

Anxiety Around the HolidaysThe holidays can be a difficult time for your mental health due to all the events that are occurring around you. While these are events that you probably want to enjoy, everything is tightly packed into just 35 days of the year. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to help yourself manage your stress and anxiety throughout this time.

Choose to say no to those things that you don’t find fun and meaningful.

Things are easier to manage when they aren’t filled with stress and anxiety. Be deliberate about the activities you choose to engage in and courteous about the activities you choose to turn down. When you’re being authentic about the activities you choose to engage in, you’ll not only increase your own happiness, but you’ll also improve your well-being. It’s also important to find a way to smile before engaging in an activity so that you can lower your stress and anxiety.

Make sure you set time aside for your own mental health.

When you don’t set time aside for your own mental health, stress and anxiety are bound to build up. Whether this means getting up early so that you can enjoy quiet time alone or taking a lunch break somewhere special, you’ll benefit from taking care of yourself. Just taking some time to turn off your phone, get away from the computer and all other times, and relax is an essential part of maintaining good mental health throughout this holiday season.

If nothing else, at least take some small mini-breaks. Even if this means just going into the bathroom outside at an event, it’s still important to manage your stress and anxiety by getting a few minutes of peace and quiet.

Pay attention to what your body is telling you.

Going to a party where you don’t know a lot of people is challenging. However, taking a deep breath will help you relax before doing so. It’ll also help you notice what signals your body is sending you. For instance, you may not even realize that you’re experiencing some anxiety while talking with good friends. By causing to pay attention to your body, you’ll notice things like your heart beating a little faster, the tension in your shoulders, or the fact that your palms are sweating. While you may think that this means that you’re feeling stressed, it’s actually your body’s way of preparing to be successful. These feelings prepare you to be alert and energized.

Get rid of the expectations.

What makes festive events fun and memorable are the unexpected things that happen. When you drop the expectations about how things should go, things become easier and more interesting.

Be generous to those around you.

Even the people whom you consider extroverts one likely to get the word out during the holiday season. It’s important to remember that all of us have bad days and struggle to connect with strangers or difficult family members. The best way to handle this is by being generous with everyone you meet. Whether this is something as small as smiling at someone or as “big” as offering to get a drink for them being generous does wonder for everyone’s mental health.

Although the holiday events that occur at this time of the year may be exhausting for your mental health, with the right team plan and attitude, you can enjoy them. However, if you’re still filled with stress and anxiety, we’ll be here for you at TMS Advantage in Clearwater, FL. We look forward to helping you be filled with holiday cheer this year. Happy holidays!

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