TMS Advantage Reaches One Of The Highest Success Rates In The Nation At 92%

TMS Advantage Reaches One Of The Highest Success Rates In The Nation At 92%TMS Therapy stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Today this treatment is widely known and highly accepted as a way of treating depression because of its success rates (the number of patients who’ve positively responded to this treatment modality) is anywhere from 60% – 70%. In comparison to remission rates of only 33%, you can see why this treatment has grown so popular today.

Introducing TMS Treatment Centers

The leader in TMS treatment is Neurostar Advanced Therapy. They serve most of the market within the USA. Oftentimes when you hear about this treatment’s performance statistics in America, you’ll also hear their name mentioned.

When you live in Tampa Bay, Florida the name that you’ll hear most commonly associated with TMS treatment is TMS Advantage. Located in Clearwater, FL, which is in Pinellas county, they’ve successfully provided many people in the area with treatment. In fact, they can proudly say that they’ve had a 92% success rate with a 55% remission rate. This is the highest percentage of success in the TMS Therapy marketplace throughout the nation today.

Why TMS Advantage is so Successful

According to the staff who are working at TMS Advantage, this success has occurred because of the comprehensive approach their staff takes when it comes to each and every patient as an individual. They firmly believe that by creating such a highly focused treatment program they’re able to give each of their patients an advantage as they fight through their mental health issues.

Here each patient’s individual treatment plan is centered around lifestyle modifications. Included herein is therapy and other individual types of treatment. Their CEO, Karan Narwal believes that they’re more focused on quality, not quantity. Narwal says this focus results in a profound response in which everyone (both patients and staff alike) is better able to achieve success.


If you’re interested in receiving TMS Therapy at TMS Advantage make sure you give them a call today. Besides treating patients who are suffering from depression, they also strive to help those who are diagnosed as being bipolar, or having issues with anxiety, PTSD, or OCD. You can reach out and schedule your appointment with them by calling them at 727-600-8093 or you can go online and visit their website at to schedule your appointment there. Regardless of how you do it, the staff hopes you won’t delay getting on the road to recovery today.

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