Ways To Loosen Your Anxiety

Ways To Loosen Your AnxietyMany people discover that even when things are going great, they can’t relax. They’re caught up in a routine whereby the only time they get by themselves is during their commute. Of course, they have comforting rituals built into their schedules (e.g. date nights, childcare) but this doesn’t do much for them.

Now that we’re in the middle of a pandemic, many people are finding that it’s even more challenging for them to relax. Their brains are afraid of the unknown, the health of them and their loved ones, their finances, and their future. Some are also struggling with juggling work while taking care of their children and their educational needs. While others aren’t working because they’ve lost their job.

All these things make it feel like they simply can’t relax. If you find yourself feeling this way, there are some ways in which you can exchange your anxiety for wellness.

Remember That You’re Not Responsible for Anyone but Yourself

There are certain things that are simply out of our control (e.g. how others act, how often someone goes shopping, if your kids like school). When you notice that you’re trying to control how other people think or behave tell yourself to let them be responsible for themselves then give them room to do so.

Don’t Forget to Exercise

Our bodies release stress hormones (e.g. adrenaline) that cause us to feel anxious or “stressed out.” When this happens our muscles grow tighter, our pupils become dilated, our breathing grows shallow, and our heart rate increases. These things ramp us up, making it almost impossible to relax. One of the best ways to overcome these feelings is to get up and move around. You could take a walk, go for a jog, practice yoga, stretch, go swimming, dance around to some music, go for a bike ride – the possibilities here are endless. The point is that moving will make you feel better.

Always Remember Life’s Simple Joys

Simple joys are no longer indulgences. In times like this, they become necessities. So, instead of tackling an ambitious reading list, let yourself reread the books you love. By becoming engaged in the book (something that’s completely unrelated to the reality we’re living in) we’re giving ourselves a mini-mental vacation.

Think About Those Things That Haven’t Changed

Although it may feel like everything around us has changed, there are still many important things that haven’t changed. For instance, your home is still safe. You also must remember that you aren’t the only one who’s living out these things. Furthermore, your family loves you, the stories you enjoy are still there, sunsets are still beautiful, and there’s still a mountain of laundry there for you to conquer.

Imagine Being Somewhere Peaceful

With all the chaos happening around you, it’s important to take a moment to close your eyes and imagine being somewhere peaceful (e.g. surrounded by sunflowers, playing with your dog, at the beach). Letting your mind naturally wander to a peaceful place will help slow your breathing and release the tension in your muscles.


Finding ways to unwind may feel “wrong” to you right now but your personal wellness has an effect on everyone who’s around you. In other words, taking care of yourself doesn’t just feel good, it is good. At no time is this truer than right now when we’re all feeling mental, spiritually, and physically exhausted. So, if you’re concerned about your mental wellness because of all the anxiety you’re under right now, look no further than The TMS Advantage. They’re there to help you feel better mentally so your overall health and wellbeing will improve. Make sure you contact them today.

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