What To Do When You’re Feeling Hopeless

Depression and feelings of hopelessnessThere may be times when you feel hopeless in your life or a specific situation. You may feel like there is no hope and nothing that could possibly change to make things better. For people who are feeling hopeless, it might feel like nothing positive is ever going to happen again. You might feel like you are stuck and unable to progress or move out of a situation.

Hopelessness can manifest itself in different ways for every individual in Pinellas County. It can be caused by depression, which may be situational or longer term. Feelings of hopelessness may be brought on by certain circumstances, such as the loss of a loved one, problems at work, or a tragic life event. Depression and feelings of hopelessness often go hand in hand and are often treated in similar ways too.

Let’s look at some of the things you can do if you’re suffering from depression or feeling hopeless.

Do What You Can Manage
When you’re feeling depressed and hopeless, it’s important to focus on the things that you can manage. It’s easy to start thinking about all the things that you don’t want to do at the moment, but that won’t often help the situation and can make you feel worse. Focus on all the things you can do at the moment, and celebrate your small successes. Even everyday things like taking a shower or eating a meal can feel like huge achievements when you’re struggling with depression. If you’re feeling like life is becoming overwhelming, consider making a list and writing down the things you need to do. This can help you to remember your to-do list and reduce your stress levels.

Find a Support Network
A support network can bring a huge amount of benefit to someone who is feeling hopeless or suffering from depression. This may be in the form of supportive family and friends, professional therapists, and other activities that make you feel supported and more positive. While these things might not instantly help you to feel more hopeful, they can certainly help to prevent things from getting worse and can relieve the symptoms of depression. When you feel like you have the energy to do so, try out different activities and hobbies to see what helps you to feel more hopeful about life.

Consider Professional Support
You might have a strong network of personal friends and family members to support you when you’re feeling low, but sometimes a professional can offer some objective guidance and support when you need it most. Consider investing in professional support if you’re struggling with depression or other mental health conditions which are making you feel hopeless. A therapist can help you to discuss your feelings, understand more about yourself, and feel more positive over time.

Think About Why You’re Feeling Hopeless
Sometimes the reasons for feeling hopeless might be perfectly clear. But other times, it’s not always possible to tell why you might be feeling like there is no hope. For people with depression, these feelings may arise all of a sudden, or they may be triggered by certain events and experiences. Thinking about why you’re feeling hopeless and understanding more about your feelings can help you to overcome them now and recognize them if they reappear in the future.

Get Help When You’re Feeling Hopeless
You can find support in Pinellas County by visiting TMS Advantage, where you can receive advice and guidance about how to deal with depression and feelings of hopelessness – finding the professional help you need has never been easier.

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