What to Expect

A Typical TMS Session

  1. TMS is available only under a physician’s supervision.
  2. Patients meet with our TMS Coordinator to see if they are eligible, they then meet with one of our board-certified physicians for an evaluation.
  3. Once approved for treatment, you come to our office, recline in a comfortable chair, and stay awake and alert during the treatment.
  4. A TMS “magnet” is placed on your head by a TMS technician.
  5. The TMS makes a clicking sound and you may feel a tapping sensation on your head.
  6. The first session may take up to 1 hour so measurements can be taken. Future sessions take about 20-30 minutes.
  7. Treatment is administered for 5 days a week, most often for 6 weeks.
  8.  Because TMS is localized and administered while you are conscious, there are usually no serious side effects. The most common side-effect is mild scalp discomfort which generally resolves after the first few treatments.
  9. After the session is over, you can return to your usual activities.