Why You Should Hold Onto Hope For Depression

Why You Should Hold Onto Hope For DepressionThere are some people who enter therapy because they find themselves feeling completely hopeless. Some of these people have been suffering for years, others for decades. They may have tried numerous therapies and medications without finding them helpful. This doesn’t mean there’s no hope of healing from their depression. There’s always hope for three reasons.

Your Brain Will Change Throughout Your Lifetime

There’s research that shows you can rewire your brain regardless of your age. This is because your brain is far more open than anyone has ever imagined. Nature has gone to extreme lengths to help us perceive our surroundings. In fact, our brains survive the changes that occur in our world because it’s able to change in this way. However, it takes something that’s important, surprising, or novel to turn these areas of our brain on as adults – when the critical learning period in our lives is over.

There are also various ways in which we can prime our brains for a change. One of the treatments that have been used for depression, EMDR trauma psychotherapy, stimulates your brain to change. This is a form of stimulation that helps desensitizes you to traumatic events so your brain can reprocess them. It works by focusing attention on the physical sensations that are associated with your emotions.

Understanding the Transformational Power of Your Core Emotions

Unfortunately, if you’ve been through a traumatic event and you haven’t taken the time to process the emotions that go along with it they can live in your body where they’ll adversely affect your mind. In doing so they can result in symptoms such as depression.

There are ways that you can safely release any emotions that you’ve buried. However, you’ll need to have the knowledge and techniques regarding how to do so. It’s also important to find a safe space wherein you can name and fully experience these emotions. Processing emotions through your body (where your emotions live) is one way in which you can overcome your depression. This isn’t easy, especially if you’ve found yourself alone, coping with numerous traumas.

It’s important to accept that our emotions can be both powerful and frightening sometimes. This is why many of us put up protective barriers to help us manage them since we aren’t educated on how to deal with them appropriately. Herein lies the reason why many therapists encourage their patients to take as much time as possible to learn all they can regarding their emotions. By doing so you’ll find that you have the courage to name, validate, and process your emotions. Of course, this takes the courage to want to overcome your depression but it can be done.

Engage in Those Relationships That Help You Heal

When research has been done on infants and their mothers, attachment, and interpersonal neurobiology we learn how humans are very sensitive, in tune, and connected to one another. This is something we’ve been wired for. It’s also something that can help to change us for the better.

According to accelerated experiential dynamic psychotherapy (AEDP), trauma can be defined as experiencing overwhelming emotions while being all alone. If you’re able to undo this feeling of being all alone you’ll be able to heal. This is something that must be done in the presence of someone who cares so that the experience is both positive and transformative. It’s also important to have this connection so we feel calm and safe as we process the traumas and learn to relate to them in better ways.

An attachment-oriented therapist has been trained to create a safe environment for you to process your emotions. However, your work doesn’t end there. You also need to share with your loved ones who’ve been able to build up their capacity for connection. Doing so will help us to continue our healing.

Create a Healing Journey

Although healing from depression will take a lifetime of effort, TMS Advantage in St Peterburg and Clearwater, FL is here to help you. Working with them will provide you with a safe place to work out your emotions while receiving the support you need along your healing journey. Don’t give up hope. Get started on your journey with their help today.

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