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Medication not working for your depression? Want to avoid the side effects of medication?

Cutting edge NeuroStar TMS treatment is now available in Pinellas County.  TMS is a treatment for depression that safely delivers magnetic pulses to areas of the brain that are responsible for mood.  TMS wakes up the dormant part of your brain so you can get on with your life!

For most patients, depressive symptoms decrease or go away completely after 6 weeks of treatment with NeuroStar TMS Therapy.

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What is TMS?

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) received FDA approval in 2008 after a number of clinical studies demonstrated its safety and efficacy for treating medication-resistant depression. TMS is a noninvasive brain stimulation technology that uses electromagnetic induction.

TMS targets the area of the brain known to help regulate emotions and mood. In depressed patients the nerve cells in the pre-frontal cortex are often “frozen” or sluggish.  The electrical currents produced by the magnetic fields stimulates or wakens these nerve cells. Over a period of weeks, TMS therapy has the potential to normalize your brain chemistry which can have a positive effect on your mood.

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TMS stands for transcranial magnetic stimulation.

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