The Advantage TMS Program

The most comprehensive TMS program

Advantage TMS has become a leader in providing quality Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment. Our focus on quality care provides us the opportunity to do research and achieve remission and response rates higher than the national average. Our research, along with many studies we have reviewed, show that when we focus on therapy, lifestyle modifications and blood work, we see better TMS responses. It’s that simple. Advantage TMS is the first and only TMS provider to offer such a comprehensive program to each of our patients, so please call or request information to see what we can do for you!

Nutrition - Exercise - Counseling


Life Coaching

The Advantage TMS program includes (at no additional cost!):

  • CBT & DBT – All current and former patients have access to weekly group therapy.
    Our ongoing weekly group educational sessions discuss how to deal with your depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Each patient receives information on ways to beat depression and anxiety and handouts from each of the weekly sessions.
  • Nutrition – Our registered dietary nutritionist discusses food for a better mood and healthy eating tips in our weekly group meetings.
  • Bloodwork – Our Board Certified psychiatrists can order blood work to look for abnormalities that may be contributing to your symptoms.
  • Sleep – exercise encouragement – Our patients are motivated, encouraged and advised on structured routines to get healthy! We offer complimentary smart watches so patients can track fitness activity levels and sleep patterns.
  • Yoga – Our yoga group is provided to help you stay active, stay engaged and practice mindfulness.
  • Life coaching – Our TMS treaters and our TMS coordinator work with each patient to set goals and provide motivation to give your mental health a boost!
  • Maintenance Sessions Included – All TMS patients receive additional maintenance sessions at no extra cost to serve as boosters and are utilized as needed for patients once they finish the program.
  • Never any additional charges!
  • Post Treatment Follow Up

We stay with you even after treatment

After you’ve completed a full course of TMS, we have a follow up protocol to monitor each patient and offer the opportunity to continue with the weekly group therapy to offer you support post-TMS.

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