Bipolar Treatment

Manic-depressive illness (a.k.a., bipolar disorder) is a mental health disorder that causes you to experience unusual shifts in activity levels, mood, the ability to carry out daily tasks, and energy. These symptoms can be severe and are different from the typical ups and downs that each of us occasionally experiences. Fortunately, these symptoms can be treated so you can lead a full, productive life.

What are the symptoms of this condition?

There are many signs of bipolar disorder, including:

  • “Mood episodes”: These can range from being overly joyful or excited (a.k.a., manic episode, mania) to extreme sadness or hopelessness (a.k.a., depressive episode).
  • Sometimes you may experience what’s known as a “mixed state.” This includes symptoms of both mania and depression, which is called a mixed state.
  • Unpredictable mood swings: These occur when you have extreme changes in behavior, sleep, activity, or sleep.
  • You may be unable to complete tasks due to your mood episodes. This can also make you feel irritable.

How is this condition treated?

Bipolar disorder tends to run in families. Typically, it’ll appear while you’re in your late teens or early adulthood. Most people are diagnosed before the age of 25. However, there are some people who have symptoms throughout childhood and others who develop them later in life.

When this disorder first starts, it isn’t easy to spot. This is why some people may suffer for years before being correctly diagnosed and treated. Nevertheless, this is a long-term illness that you must carefully manage throughout your life.

Although this mental health disorder can be disruptive and painful, it can also be treated. At TMS Advantage in Clearwater and Pinellas County, Florida, we provide medication. We offer the help and support you need so that you can better manage your symptoms. Contact us today to get started on a healthier tomorrow.

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