How To Sleep Better

How To Sleep BetterIf you don’t wake up naturally without an alarm feeling alert and well-rested (without the help of caffeine), you may need to learn how to sleep better. This is something that sleep experts have been working on for years now. In doing so they’ve constructed some very useful tips.

Wake up at the Same Time Everyday

This isn’t something new but it’s important because your body will grow accustomed to going to sleep and waking up at the same time. Once you’ve formed this habit, you’ll fall asleep easier at night and wake up without an alarm clock. This is because your brain will be able to distinguish between night and day.

It’s also helpful to avoid blue light at night. However, you shouldn’t avoid it throughout the day because it helps make your brain more alert. Ultimately, this will also help you sleep better at night.

All these things also affect your circadian rhythms. This is an important part of your body in that it’s what influences when you eat, sleep, and socialize. A consistent sleep schedule makes it easier for your body to operate smoothly. You’ll notice this especially when you travel across different time zones.

Allow Yourself to Wind Down Before Bed Everyday

Giving yourself some time to wind down before bed allows your body and brain to relax so they can sleep better. This is why when you’re working or partying up until bedtime you may lie in your bed for a long time trying to calm your mind and body down so they can sleep. To avoid this, you should create a routine that’ll help you relax (e.g. dim the lights, listen to relaxing music, read a book) so you can sleep better. If you’re tempted to mindlessly scroll through your phone while lying in bed, remove your phone from the bedroom or putting it into airplane mode. Taking these steps will help you train your brain and body to prepare for sleep so you can fall asleep quickly once you’re in bed.

Pay Attention to Your Body’s Natural Rhythms and Need for Sleep

Experts recommend that adults get 7 – 9 hours of sleep each night but not everyone needs the same amount of sleep. Your goal here is to figure out how much sleep you need so that you wake up naturally and feel alert throughout the day. The best way to determine how much sleep you require is to keep track of it for a while. As you do so, it’s also important to remember that people vary in chronotype too. This is why some people are naturally night owls while others are morning larks – most people fall somewhere in between though.

You should strive to have a sleep schedule that’s compatible with your body’s natural rhythm so it’s easier for you to sleep well. If you’re a night owl you can force yourself to go to bed earlier because you won’t be able to fall and stay asleep. The reverse is also true in that morning larks who stay up late you probably won’t be able to sleep in the next day no matter how tired you feel. This is why it’s important to recognize and embrace your natural chronotype so you can align yourself with it and better meet your sleep needs.


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