The Impact Of Social Media On Your Mental Health

How Social Media Affects Your Mental HealthToday social media plays a significant role in all of our lives. We find ourselves spending time endlessly scrolling through platforms to see what our friends and family are doing.

Your teen is no different. They spend a lot of their time on these platforms too.

As the parent of a teen, it’s essential to understand what this time is doing to your child’s mental well-being. Take a few minutes to learn about this issue and how you can help your teen be healthier.

Understanding the Impact of Social Media on Mental Health

Studies have shown that there’s a connection between poor mental well-being and the use of social media. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that you don’t hear about much.

Proof of the Impact of Social Networks

There have been a few studies conducted in recent years that highlight the harm of these platforms. Taking a moment to see what they have to say will help you understand why this issue should be so important to you as a parent.

Helen Lee Bouygues’ Study

This recent study states that we should declare a mental health crisis and wage a campaign against social platforms like tobacco. It has done so after surveying over 1,000 Americans regarding their use of these platforms. They also asked these participants to report information regarding their well-being.

The results of this study were alarming. More than half of the participants reported that they experienced intensified anxiety, depression, and loneliness after using these platforms. Furthermore, researchers determined that many of these participants had low self-esteem and found it difficult to concentrate.

Unfortunately, most of the participants didn’t take any steps to improve upon themselves once they received these results. Many of these participants didn’t seem to care much about their mental health. Researchers made this determination because people said they’d give up anything but their social time online.

What Parents Can Do

With these results in mind, many parents have wondered what they can do to help their teens. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do.

  • Teach Reflective Thinking

Take a moment to consider the way you process your thoughts. In doing so, make a note of when you’re thinking either irrationally or unproductively. This type of thinking is known as “metacognition.”

Social media has been designed to discourage reflective thinking. Its algorithms are designed to provide you with content that’s emotional, amplified, and easy to share regardless of whether it’s good for society or your mental health.

By teaching your teen to think reflectively, they’ll have the tools they need to help them resist any conclusions they may make based on their raw emotions. If more people reacted in this way, the spread of harmful content online would be slowed.

  • Teach Objective Thinking

The teens in our country are facing a mental health crisis. Adults need to help them have the confidence they need to think independently and resist peer pressure. This type of rational thought is known as objective thinking. It’ll help your teen realize that just because something is “trending” doesn’t mean it’s worthy of their attention.

  • Freeing Your Teen From Social Platforms

You may have never even realized the impact that social media has on your teen’s mental health. Now that you do, it’s essential to take steps to help them have a healthier, happier life.

With the help of TMS Advantage in Clearwater and St Petersburg, FL, they’ll have the support they need to make improvements in their life. Whether they’re struggling with an addiction to the online social community or something else, TMS Advantage therapy has been proven to work. Make sure you check it out today.

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