You Good?

You Good?There is a new mental health drive in St. Petersburg these days and it uses murals together with just two simple words for making sure that people keep the same condition of their mental health as before. This campaign is called “You Good?” and it is a local network from mental health services. The campaign aims at helping people out during their tough times.

People in need of these services can call 727-791-3131. After calling the number the caller in need will be linked to a live attendant. This person will then assess the need of the caller to check whether any of the mental health providers working under the campaign can be of help.

Even if you only need someone to talk to, it is okay to call the number. The mental health service providers participating in the campaign opine that this resource can be quite helpful at the time of coronavirus pandemic. Asking someone “You Good?” and telling them that yes it is possible to get help by calling 727-791-3131 is helping people out.


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